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Published: 18th August 2009
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My Phone Room is launching on August 24th and may be the largest thing to hit the internet selling and MLM industries since the arrival of the internet.

My Phone Room will be offered at three price levels with each one of the levels coming with explicit My Phone Room systems in place.

The most cost-effective level of My Phone Room, called the Classic level, is going to be set at $298 and will include the following attributes included :

- Access to the My Phone Room Call Center
- completed calls made at Exclusive Members Only rates
- Live Broadcast available at low per minute rates
- Access to pro Scripting and Review

What will generally be the most well liked level in the My Phone Room family, called the Pro level will cost $578 and will include everything that is in the Classic level plus these complicated features :

- step-by-step Lead capture page web site Maker
- Full Voice Broadcast Module
- 3-Way Live Transfer Option ( tiny Premium )

- 3-Way Live Transfer Option ( NO Premium )
- Real Time Call Center Connection - Instant call Backs
- Automated Physical follow Ups - Post cards, Dvd's etc..
- Inbound Campaigns - Have Your Calls Answered Live!

My Phone Room is really an one of a kind opportunity because it is the only thing like it out there. Have you ever missed your chance on an opportunity? Do not do it this time.

Here is the pay plan that is involved with My Phone Room at every of its amazing levels. We're going to start with the classic level and the classic level will are for folk who are just testing the waters but still don't need to get left in the dust as My Phone Room takes off.

While not the hottest option, the classic level will still allow anyone to make significant real life changing revenue and will give them the chance to grow as My Phone Room grows. SO if you can generate 10 enrollees a month your first month you'll earn $2,250.

This is employed by most mid level online or MLM marketers. The pay plan here is more exciting. You get paid the same as the Classic level on My Phone Room Classic sales and you get paid $250 on each of your first 2 Pro level sales. So if you generate 10 My Phone Room Pro sales every month you're looking at about $4,500 every month.

For the serious marketer nothing less than the best will do and that is where My Phone Room Executive level comes in. With the My Phone Room Executive level you are going to earn full commission on all of your classic and pro sales and $500 on your first 2 My Phone Room Executive sales and a whopping $1000 on every My Phone Room Executive level sale after that.

If you generate 10 Executive level sales per month from the start you may pocket $9,000 in commissions your first month.

If you have any questions on anything or something is missing in the above outline and you want clarification, then just go to our My Phone Room website and contact us and we will answer your questions.

My Phone Room - How My Phone Room Works

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